We are back!

GOOD EVENING! As you can see we (Alba and Dilek) are excited to be back! Thank you for the warm welcome (wink)! It has been a long time since we last blogged but we are back and are never leaving again (we pinky swear)! Dilek already started school and I start school next week–eek. This is my senior year of college though so there is some excitement attached to the start of the new school year. I absolutely love going school shopping and I am not talking about clothes. That is a totally different subject. I am talking about notebooks and their special smell! Have you guys noticed that new notebooks, or backpacks and even shoes have that wonderful smell? My mom thinks is disgusting, but I uhmmm love it! So yeah! Isn’t this cool? I write like nothing ever happened, which is true nothing happened! We disappeared for a bit, but the girls are back! I feel like I am giving a presentation, but don’t really have anything to talk about! So please keep reading! I am off to make the blog pretty! Se you later! kisses!


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