G-bye August!

Hi dollies! I cannot believe it’s already September. You want to know where my thoughts go from here? After September comes October (suprised?)  which is my chickpea’s Dilek’s birthday. Oh and by then it’s already cold and snow rules my world. November reminds me of short dark days, quite gloomy I know. Let’s not even talk about January when winter break is over and the end of the year celebrations have gone by sooner than expected. Well let’s get back to happy thoughts and that is exactly what I tell myself too, otherwise my mood changes. From January on we can look forward to spring, because obviously February will go by quickly since we have two big events to celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s day. Voila! It’s March already. I don’t know why I just went through all of this because even though it’s the first day of September it is quite sticky hot where I live. So summer has not left us! That’s what I will keep telling myself. Ok? You should too, unless your favorite season does not include hot days and fresh produce from the farmer’s market.

Now on to show you some food!

Here is my breakfast. I love cactuses!

Here is another kind of breakfast! It is called Albanian breakfast! Hi, my name is Alba and I am from Albania! I guess the Turks eat similar breakfasts too and I am sure Dilek will proudly show you!  This was my brother’s breakfast and it was suggested by my mom, BBB, to take a picture of it. She prepared his breakfast and was proud of her work!

That would be an egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and my obsession feta cheese. 

Lunch included an Albanian dish known as byrek. The Greeks and Turks make it as well. Rumor has it that Albanians (maybe my mom) makes the best byrek in the world. Byrek is a savory pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese, eggs and sometimes an Albanian version of ricotta. That’s the traditional byrek.  However mother BBB has experimented filling it with leeks and dill, corn and kidney beans (Dilek loved this, but I was weirded out by it) and I hear they even make it with ground meat and onions. Are you guys confused yet?

Here is a picture to clarify my rambling.

It is prepared in a pan and then simply baked. My favorite part are the corners.

The filling consists of homemade yoghurt, eggs and feta cheese.

This is my favorite byrek filled with spinach and feta cheese! Byrek is usually followed by a salad but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Dinner decorated by my cactus. I promise I don’t eat them!

Peppers, celery, carrots, turkey, feta cheese (my love)  and toasted bread. 

I really like this last picture, it makes me look like I know something about photography, when really I just stick a cactus everywhere to make the pictures look more artsy.

Oh and one last thing. This is why I love summer. Please keep looking at it. Wonderful, beautiful and take me there. The parents just got back from Albania and that’s my daddy swimming away. 

I have so much to say but I can’t say it all in one post! Ok, last picture! This photo was taken from my grandparents house. They live in a village/town and the city where I was born can be seen too at the very right.  It has a port where all the ships from Italy embark. The sunset is beautiful and I love summer!




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