Cappuccino Talk

Hi honeydews!

I like sweet-talking to people so I ask you get accustomed to it! It’s not that bad I promise! My sweet fig, Dilek, could be your proof. 😉

Today I met Dilek in downtown to have cappuccinos! We are a little obsessed with them and the obsession weighs a bit more on my side! It all began last summer when I went to Italy to visit my uncles. I tried cappuccinos there for the first time and I fell in love with them.  I love the fact that they serve coffee and cappuccino in real cups,meaning not plastic cups! Common Starbucks! You need to catch up on that to make me happy! If you are wondering what if one would like to have coffee on the go? Well, that didn’t happen in Italy! You down your coffee in less than 1 minute!  Seriously no time to think or hold the cup around for the whole entire day. I love exaggerating by the way. So, what is all this talk about? I loved my trip to Italy and as a consequence I automatically love the way they do things there. They drink coffee or whatever coffee related drink standing up at the counter of the coffee shops. Maybe that’s why they tend to talk fast too!  They are used to doing things quickly!

Ok, so back to downtown! We went to a French place where they serve crepes and cappuccinos! I mean cappuccinos in real cups!

Look at that foam! Pretty delicious! Actually caffeine makes me dizzy, but I cannot give up the idea of cappuccinos.





I introduce to you, Dilek! She pretends to be shy.







Please allow me to introduce myself. They call me Alba. (Dilek what are you doing? I wonder if I was really asking her that or if it’s me just modeling)







Oh and let’s not forget Dilek’s delicious salad! She got it from Macy’s! I was surprised to find out that they have a food court including a salad bar. Here is the salad queen. I totally picked on this. I am a picker. One of the thousands reasons why I appreciate the sweet fig Dilek is that she doesn’t mind. She lets the picker do her own thing.

The queen contained: greens, cherry tomatoes, black olives, bell peppers, asparagus, squash, shrimp, roasted cauliflower and wasabi peas. That’s all I can remember. She was dressed in Italian dressing. Oh, Italy.




That’s it for tonight!  I better hit the bed now otherwise that planned run for tomorrow morning will never happen. Till next time!

p.s. I hope to be missed!




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