A day with mother BBB

Good evening sweet things!

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday! My day was filled with mother BBB (my mom’s name starts with the letter B). I woke up around 9:30 after hitting the snooze button for 30 minutes!  I read a few blogs, checked my facebook and by 10:15 I was out the door. I was excited to run because it seemed pretty cool outside. Well I was wrong because during the run I kept thinking my body was going to explode any second because of the heat. Just having the sun shining on me made me feel fatigue! It helped seeing other people run, especially this old man who I am very certain was on his eighties. He served as my motivation. I completed my run with no explosions, but definitely a sweaty mess.

I am so proud of my sweat that I don’t even care how unpleasant this picture looks. My sweat looks cool!

Then, I came home to find mother BBB cooking lunch! She was making one of my favorite food!

That would be seasoned eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers and tomatoes! You cut them up in big pieces, but they shrink! Usually mother BBB adds potatoes, small onions,  green beans and sometimes even okra (Yum), but she didn’t have the other stuff today since it is the weekend and we always run low on food during the weekend. Dilek will tell you, because unfortunately she always comes over on the weekend and finds no food in our fridge! Why am I so brain scattered? Back to the seasoning! The usual salt & pepper and bay leaves! Mother BBB placed the veggies in a pot and she sprinkled them with vinegar and added about half a cup of water. About 30 minutes later the food was ready!

She also fried some fish with olive oil. She still tries to convince me that frying things with olive oil does no harm to you.  My dad dumps olive oil in his salads and says that olive oil was his main food when he was little and it helped him grow. :/  I love olive oil too, just not buckets of it.

My lunch included baked fish (can’t convince me yet mother BBB) and baked eggplants!

Of course I had some of mother BBB’s food too!

After lunch we hit up the Mall of America. I needed a new school bag. Have you guys heard of the Mall of America? Well it’s huge and quite stressful with so many people! I was amazed by its size the first time I went there.

Then we came home and went on a walk around the lakes! That was my day! I plan on going to sleep before 12:00 tonight! I will let you know what happens!

Dilek will be blogging tonight too! So stay tuned to hear her sweet voice read her sweet thoughts!

P.S. I come from a culture where you kiss people when you greet them, so I am not being weird by kissing you guys! heheh

Ciao and kisses,



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