My Sugar


Brrr it’s quite chilly this morning! I had the window in my room open the whole night and according to mother BBB I will get a cold that will never go away if I keep it open during the night. She kind of has me convinced! My body feels very stiff, but it could also be from the run yesterday! :/

I woke up this morning and could smell breakfast from my room. On the menu Albanian kulac. It’s basically fried dough made with yogurt, flour and baking soda! The kulac is either served with feta cheese or honey. Mother BBB knows I am against frying even if olive oil is used! Hence, she has tried to change her ways. I walked into the kitchen and she says: “I used whole wheat and they are not fried.” Oh BBB, I love you for trying to deal with my healthy ways.


Kulac, microwaved egg, feta cheese, cucumbers, olives and unpictured hummus for dipping! It was delicioso!

I am off to digest my food! I am planing to do a stairs workout today and I will let you know how it goes. You should do some sort of activity too! It’s good for you!

How can I convince my Sugar though? 

I talk to her about heart diseases and weight but it doesn’t scare her.

She is bad influence on me too!

Ciao and kisses,



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