Can Anybody hear us?


Was you weekend wonderful and relaxing? Mine was fabulous because I got to spend it with my other half Dilek!

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, I was going to do the stairs workout yesterday! I ran to where the useful stairs are located and it took me exactly 13 minutes to run there. Once I got to the stairs I see this man already using them. I thought they were my secret stairs and nobody had discovered them before.

 The man stuck around for 10 more minutes. I kept looking at him and I bet it made things awkward! So much for my run as a warm up! He said have good day to me when he was leaving and that warmed my heart, so in my head we became friends. The stairs were finally mine!

Running up the stairs is seriously a great workout! It gets your heart rate up right away! I find it harder than running but in a different way! I feel that I am engaging more of my muscles when doing stairs! I ran up the stairs 20 times. Oh fun times! My legs were screaming at me, but I couldn’t stop. Boredom and curiosity lead me to count the stairs while walking down and there were 50 steps. 🙂 By the end my legs were shaking and I don’t blame them! I decided to walk/run home. I mean I didn’t want to push it too much since we were going to State Fair that night and I was going to need me legs still.

I feel so privileged to be living in a state with many beautiful lakes. These are some of the pictures taken while walking home.

Later that day I met Dilek at the famers market! We came home and mother BBB made us salads! I know she spoils us too much!

Then we got dressed and went to State Fair! For me the best thing of the night were Martha’s Sweet Cookies! Best cookies I have ever had! Soft, chewy and warm! Like soft, warm and chewy. Super soft, chewy and warm. My mouth was having a party.

Great night spent with great friends!

You guys tomorrow is my first day of school, but I am nervous like it’s my first day of first grade. No joke. I need to woman up!

And I am planning a 6:30 AM run tomorrow morning (it’s almost 12)! My first class is at 8:30 AM! Do you think Alba will be able to make it? To be continued….

p.s. “Why can anybody hear us” as the title of this post?  I wonder every time I write a post if people are actually reading! Dilek and I will celebrate and throw candy out to people the day we get our first comment!  😛

Ciao and kisses,



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