Did you guys miss me? I tend to play this disappearance game to see how much I am missed! Well, actually the truth is that yesterday was the first day of school of my last year of college. Since that first day I have been in shock and trying to figure out my schedule. Yes, school does that to me. It puts me in complete shock sometimes, because my head gets overwhelmed. Just sort of kidding. You probably know that the first days of school are rough. It’s a wake up call for real business and it actually tells you to bid goodbye to summer for real. Enough of sleeping at 4:00 AM and waking up whenever!

Remember I said I was planning a run yesterday morning before school? Well, it never happened! I talked to Dilek on the phone before I went to bed and she convinced me that 6 hours of sleep would not be enough for me to function properly (she is a sleep freak). I was almost convinced, but I had told the blog world that I would run and I wasn’t going to let people down. However, morning comes, the alarm goes off and I automatically change it to an hour later. Dilek got in my head, so I blame her.

Today I woke up at 7:00 (very early for me to exercise) and I forced myself not to think about what I was about to do. I changed into my workout clothes half sleeping, grabbed my ipod and off I went. Call me a robot. Within a few minutes I was awake! It was too beautiful outside to still be sleepy. The air was so fresh! I felt so alive! I kept smiling at random people and that made me even happier! It was a cycle of happiness. I am not embarrassed to show you my sweat and greasy/sweaty hair.

Then I came home took a shower and prepared my lunch (salad). Mother BBB had made me breakfast. Actually she makes breakfast for the whole family.  Oatmeal for everybody. They are addicted to it. I taught them what oatmeal is and how to prepare it and Kath taught me! Pass on the knowledge. 😉

Fast forward to dinner (skipping school and headaches): Stuffed eggplants. I am aware that there are different ways to stuff eggplants. Mother BBB’s way of stuffing eggplants consists of: eggplants with the insides carved out; filling made of banana peppers, tomatoes, the carved part of eggplants, onions and dill. Then you bake it and it turns into my favorite food. DEEEELLL-icious!

The little thing to the side is just dill! I had to zoom in to make sure!

After dinner Mother BBB and I went  on a walk.  We talked about our respective days and school.  Then the rest of the walk was sunset talk. I love the sunset! It’s so relaxing! So beautiful! You just want to hold hands with…. Mother BBB.  I sound so romantic! I feel that the older I get the more aware and appreciative I become of nature!

When I get proposed that boy/man/future husband better find a place like this or I will have to say no! All I need is the sunset. So easy. 😉

With that beautiful view I wish you all a good night!

P.S. Ambitious Alba will attempt a stair workout at 6:30 AM. Can she make it? Maybe if I go to bed soon!

p.s.s. I loved Dilek’s last post!

Ciao and kisses!



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