Running late!

Hii sweet cakes!

I hope you are enjoying your Fridays! I woke up earlier than I had to today in order to squeeze in a delayed workout. I lost track of time while doing a stairs workout and ended up running late for my 10:00 AM class. I ran home washed my face, changed to dry, clean clothes and was ready to go. In the meantime my mom prepared me an egg sandwich and then she drove me to school. I was 15 minutes late to my physiology class! I was stressing in the car ride but then decided that stressing was not going to help the situation, so I put on the radio and started singing instead. It worked like a charm. I was glad I sat at the very back row of a class of 360 students because I had not taken a shower (embarrassed face).

I only had one class today and took the bus home. I had to wait for the bus for 20 minutes. THe bus was supposed to come at 11:45. I decided to check out a chinese bakery that was right in front of the bus stop while waiting. They had some delicious goodies! (Dilek remind us to go there!) So while I was being entertained by the goodies I noticed a bus stop in front of the bakery and I didn’t think it was my bus since it was only 11:40. It turns out that must have been my bus since I had to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus. It was not my fault! Lesson learned though, no checking out bakeries while waiting for the bus.

For lunch today I was craving some veggies, so I had a big salad! My dad really didn’t think I would not be able to finish it! I showed him how it’s done.

 Dinner: roasted veggies.

Conclusion made: roasted eggplants with feta cheese are my favorite food!

*****For the readers that are reading our blog, thank you! I was hoping you guys would have some advise for us!  We are having a few problems commenting on other blogs that we could previously comment on. Are we doing something wrong?

I am peacing out now. I have have to babysit tomorrow at 7:00 AM!

Have a lovely night!

Ciao and kisses,



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