We’re back!

Hey lovelies,

I am on a productive mode today and decided I had enough of on blog posting. So it’s as simple as this: I really enjoy writing this blog  and so does Dilek (I have permission to talk under her name). I would love to share with people what we do and hopefully someone will read it. Thus, we will be posting regularly despite the technical problems that we might encounter, because it turns out Dilek and I have no idea how most of the blog related things work. However, all you need is the will to do something and practice will eventually make perfect. Right?  I told you I was on happy, productive mood.

Dinner today consisted of a salad made of spinach, cucumbers, carrots, celery, carrots, eggplants and feta cheese on top. The eggplant dish was prepared by Mother BBB. It’s an Albanian dish and I think eggplants are my favorite vegetable! Tomatoes too. And peppers. Sometimes okra. I just can’t pick one!

Don't be fooled. That bowl is quite big.

Then, some clementines were consumed accompanied with dark chocolate. Smooth, delicious dark chocolate. I hope you mouth is watering!

By the way Sugar wanted to greet you. She has had a very relaxed Saturday. I am not aware of any days when she is not just straight up chilling though. Thus, it makes me very jealous. She doesn’t quite comprehend my jealousy.

Please, leave me alone.

I will study for my anatomy class a little more now before heading to bed. I am going to attempt to sleep early since I have to babysit early in the AM. So off I go!

That is all for tonight! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Hugs and kisses,



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