Lemon Zest and Orange Ginger

Good Evening! 

Alba speaking!

Doesn’t that combination sound good? Lemon Zest and Orange Ginger.I love anything citric! However, tonight I am not referring to food. I am talking (am I really talking?) about my newest find! 

ImageI am completely in love with these products. I actually bought four of them because they had a good deal! (wink wink) I got a body wash and a lotion for each kind. And let me tell you friends, they are amazing. The lotion leaves your hands super soft and they don’t itch or have that burning sensation like some other lotions cause them to. And the smell, oh, it’s wonderful!

Now the body washes are just as good!  When I buy body washes I usually select them based on the scent! What else can you really look for? I don’t know. These body washes are amazing and they stay on for quite long! I smell my arms, and they smell like oranges and lemons, but not exactly. You know, just good smelling stuff!  To me anything citric smelling signifies cleanness and I love it! 

ImageBy the way you can get these at Bath and Body Works! I don’t know if they still have the deal where you buy two and get two free, but I would still buy them even at full price.  I should also say that I am cheap. So, when I say they are worth it I truly mean it!  

Ok, I have to go finish my Italian homework! 

School will kill me, but I have decided that complaining about it makes things worse. So no more complaining, even though I love exaggerating about my load of work from school. 

Buona Notte! 

~Hugs and kisses




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