The Two Baklavas

Hey there and welcome to our blog!
This blog will feature the life of two best friends sisters attempting to maintain a balanced life.

What does “balance” mean? For us, it all begins with good health because nothing matters if you are not healthy. Thus, we strive to follow a healthy and yummy diet while incorporating as much activity as we can on a daily basis. Our diet consists of mostly Mediterranean food but we are open to trying anything new. Well, not anything. 😉 We believe exercise is good for the mind and body. It cannot be considered a burden, but something that you get excited about.  Dilek enjoys group fitness classes such as Zumba and Hip Hop, while Alba enjoys a combination of cardiovascular exercises such as running as well as strength training. We both are constantly trying to learn new and different exercise routines. It’s all about versatility, no?

School is a big part of our life that we try to keep in balance with everything else. It is a great priority, but it is not everything. We are both studying biology and are going the pre-med route. Be prepared about whiny Dilek and Alba complaining about studying throughout the cold Minnesota winter and the many sleepless nights that come with school. Just kidding, but not really.

The uniting of the Two Baklavas

That's us! Nice to meet you! 😀 Source

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of knowing or trying this very famous Mediterranean dessert, a Baklava is a pastry made with layers of filo dough, filled in with chopped nuts, and topped with a very sweet syrup. Since we are both from Mediterranean countries, Alba from Albania and Dilek from Turkey, baklava is a big part of our celebrations and culture.

We met in October of 2006 and were introduced by our mothers, who are also good friends. At the time, we lived less than a block away from each other and now we live in two different cities but the fillo dough of the baklava can’t separate from the syrup. 😉 We still continue to be good friends and click like no other.

The Blog
Here, you will see two food loving girls documenting the things that happen or don’t happen in their every day lives.
Stay tuned for…
Food Recipes (Mediterranean-Balkanic and more)
Exercise Routines
-School Talk
Girl/Boy Talk
-And whatever comes to our mind 😀

We hope you enjoy the story of the Two Baklavas!  


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