Lemon Zest and Orange Ginger

Good Evening! 

Alba speaking!

Doesn’t that combination sound good? Lemon Zest and Orange Ginger.I love anything citric! However, tonight I am not referring to food. I am talking (am I really talking?) about my newest find! 

ImageI am completely in love with these products. I actually bought four of them because they had a good deal! (wink wink) I got a body wash and a lotion for each kind. And let me tell you friends, they are amazing. The lotion leaves your hands super soft and they don’t itch or have that burning sensation like some other lotions cause them to. And the smell, oh, it’s wonderful!

Now the body washes are just as good!  When I buy body washes I usually select them based on the scent! What else can you really look for? I don’t know. These body washes are amazing and they stay on for quite long! I smell my arms, and they smell like oranges and lemons, but not exactly. You know, just good smelling stuff!  To me anything citric smelling signifies cleanness and I love it! 

ImageBy the way you can get these at Bath and Body Works! I don’t know if they still have the deal where you buy two and get two free, but I would still buy them even at full price.  I should also say that I am cheap. So, when I say they are worth it I truly mean it!  

Ok, I have to go finish my Italian homework! 

School will kill me, but I have decided that complaining about it makes things worse. So no more complaining, even though I love exaggerating about my load of work from school. 

Buona Notte! 

~Hugs and kisses




We’re back!

Hey lovelies,

I am on a productive mode today and decided I had enough of on blog posting. So it’s as simple as this: I really enjoy writing this blog  and so does Dilek (I have permission to talk under her name). I would love to share with people what we do and hopefully someone will read it. Thus, we will be posting regularly despite the technical problems that we might encounter, because it turns out Dilek and I have no idea how most of the blog related things work. However, all you need is the will to do something and practice will eventually make perfect. Right?  I told you I was on happy, productive mood.

Dinner today consisted of a salad made of spinach, cucumbers, carrots, celery, carrots, eggplants and feta cheese on top. The eggplant dish was prepared by Mother BBB. It’s an Albanian dish and I think eggplants are my favorite vegetable! Tomatoes too. And peppers. Sometimes okra. I just can’t pick one!

Don't be fooled. That bowl is quite big.

Then, some clementines were consumed accompanied with dark chocolate. Smooth, delicious dark chocolate. I hope you mouth is watering!

By the way Sugar wanted to greet you. She has had a very relaxed Saturday. I am not aware of any days when she is not just straight up chilling though. Thus, it makes me very jealous. She doesn’t quite comprehend my jealousy.

Please, leave me alone.

I will study for my anatomy class a little more now before heading to bed. I am going to attempt to sleep early since I have to babysit early in the AM. So off I go!

That is all for tonight! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Hugs and kisses,


Yummy in my Tummy

Hi lovely blog of ours!
We are not able to comment on any blogs for some reason…if there is anybody out there reading this, will you pwetty pwease tell us (if you have any idea) what the heck is going on?
With that said, I would like to present to you guys my lunch <3.  Notice: The heart. The heart has a meaning. It is not a meaningless heart, must you know. It is a heart that symbolizes my (Me being Dilek) very strong and positive feelings for this salad!

GUYS!!!! It was soooooo good. OK so on a bed of lettuce, I cut a tomato, a green bell pepper and a few onions. On top of those beauties, I threw in some chick peas, feta cheese crumbles, and a spoon full of left over salsa my mom had made. Dress that thing with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Toast a piece of whole wheat bread and put it on the side. BAM! Ladies and gentlemen, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee you guys will have yourselves a delicious and nutritious lunch looking at you. 😉

As for my dinner, I thought long and hard. I was craving something. I was craving something badly. I was craving it so badly that I couldn’t even point to what I was craving. Does that happen to any other human being other than Alba and I or are we some sort of a nut and have no idea? Time to be honest people!
After thinking for a while, I decided to make a tomato, basil, mozzarella omelet & a sparkling wawa. 😉 😉 😉 I wink 3x because it was 3x as good as a regular (regular as in just a plain egg) omelet.

A la side, I roasted a sweet potato with salt and pepper, cut a green bell pepper, and a whole wheat toast.  I will definitely be making this tomato basil mozzarella omelet again. It’s a great way to include eggs in my diet, since I strongly dislike any animal product.

I’m gonna sleep early tonight (10:25 p.m.).
Ta ta for now cupcakes!
-Dilek 🙂


Hi lovlies! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. I have to start walking to class Spanish class soon, hence of the wordless wednesday.  Sorry the long absence, but we were getting a bit discouraged from not knowing how to work some things blog related, but we are ready to make things work!

These are some of things that I have been eating the past couple of days!

Ok, that’s it for now! If I don’t leave now I will be late for class!

Ciao and kisses,


Running late!

Hii sweet cakes!

I hope you are enjoying your Fridays! I woke up earlier than I had to today in order to squeeze in a delayed workout. I lost track of time while doing a stairs workout and ended up running late for my 10:00 AM class. I ran home washed my face, changed to dry, clean clothes and was ready to go. In the meantime my mom prepared me an egg sandwich and then she drove me to school. I was 15 minutes late to my physiology class! I was stressing in the car ride but then decided that stressing was not going to help the situation, so I put on the radio and started singing instead. It worked like a charm. I was glad I sat at the very back row of a class of 360 students because I had not taken a shower (embarrassed face).

I only had one class today and took the bus home. I had to wait for the bus for 20 minutes. THe bus was supposed to come at 11:45. I decided to check out a chinese bakery that was right in front of the bus stop while waiting. They had some delicious goodies! (Dilek remind us to go there!) So while I was being entertained by the goodies I noticed a bus stop in front of the bakery and I didn’t think it was my bus since it was only 11:40. It turns out that must have been my bus since I had to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus. It was not my fault! Lesson learned though, no checking out bakeries while waiting for the bus.

For lunch today I was craving some veggies, so I had a big salad! My dad really didn’t think I would not be able to finish it! I showed him how it’s done.

 Dinner: roasted veggies.

Conclusion made: roasted eggplants with feta cheese are my favorite food!

*****For the readers that are reading our blog, thank you! I was hoping you guys would have some advise for us!  We are having a few problems commenting on other blogs that we could previously comment on. Are we doing something wrong?

I am peacing out now. I have have to babysit tomorrow at 7:00 AM!

Have a lovely night!

Ciao and kisses,




Did you guys miss me? I tend to play this disappearance game to see how much I am missed! Well, actually the truth is that yesterday was the first day of school of my last year of college. Since that first day I have been in shock and trying to figure out my schedule. Yes, school does that to me. It puts me in complete shock sometimes, because my head gets overwhelmed. Just sort of kidding. You probably know that the first days of school are rough. It’s a wake up call for real business and it actually tells you to bid goodbye to summer for real. Enough of sleeping at 4:00 AM and waking up whenever!

Remember I said I was planning a run yesterday morning before school? Well, it never happened! I talked to Dilek on the phone before I went to bed and she convinced me that 6 hours of sleep would not be enough for me to function properly (she is a sleep freak). I was almost convinced, but I had told the blog world that I would run and I wasn’t going to let people down. However, morning comes, the alarm goes off and I automatically change it to an hour later. Dilek got in my head, so I blame her.

Today I woke up at 7:00 (very early for me to exercise) and I forced myself not to think about what I was about to do. I changed into my workout clothes half sleeping, grabbed my ipod and off I went. Call me a robot. Within a few minutes I was awake! It was too beautiful outside to still be sleepy. The air was so fresh! I felt so alive! I kept smiling at random people and that made me even happier! It was a cycle of happiness. I am not embarrassed to show you my sweat and greasy/sweaty hair.

Then I came home took a shower and prepared my lunch (salad). Mother BBB had made me breakfast. Actually she makes breakfast for the whole family.  Oatmeal for everybody. They are addicted to it. I taught them what oatmeal is and how to prepare it and Kath taught me! Pass on the knowledge. 😉

Fast forward to dinner (skipping school and headaches): Stuffed eggplants. I am aware that there are different ways to stuff eggplants. Mother BBB’s way of stuffing eggplants consists of: eggplants with the insides carved out; filling made of banana peppers, tomatoes, the carved part of eggplants, onions and dill. Then you bake it and it turns into my favorite food. DEEEELLL-icious!

The little thing to the side is just dill! I had to zoom in to make sure!

After dinner Mother BBB and I went  on a walk.  We talked about our respective days and school.  Then the rest of the walk was sunset talk. I love the sunset! It’s so relaxing! So beautiful! You just want to hold hands with…. Mother BBB.  I sound so romantic! I feel that the older I get the more aware and appreciative I become of nature!

When I get proposed that boy/man/future husband better find a place like this or I will have to say no! All I need is the sunset. So easy. 😉

With that beautiful view I wish you all a good night!

P.S. Ambitious Alba will attempt a stair workout at 6:30 AM. Can she make it? Maybe if I go to bed soon!

p.s.s. I loved Dilek’s last post!

Ciao and kisses!


Dilek the Owl.

Hello! It’s moi Dilek stopping by to write about my life as a cover girl. I pretend that I am a cover girl. 😉

Let’s rewind to yesterday afternoon when I took a jog. Ready, get set, go! 😀

Unless I’m at the gym and I have people (ahem, cute & muscular boys) to watch, I need my iPod or else I get really bored and make the run short so I can go back home ASAP.
Pretty little park, you are discovered! Although you can’t tell in the picture, this little pathway actually somewhat hill-like, not so steep though.
 There you go! When you look from the bottom you can tell, right? 🙂
I discovered some new land…I definitely felt like Christopher Columbus! 😉

Keep running Dileeeekkkk!! I totally almost tripped over trying to take this picture.

I had such a nice run yesterday. The weather was perfect, and I liked running in an area that I don’t know because I had surprise hills here and there. Now I am sooooo sore though! So that’s why I’m eating potato chips while writing this…Just to make myself feel better. 😉
That’s me enjoying my run! After I got back home from the run, I was starving. I was also craving meat for some reason. Let me tell you guys, I hate meat. I avoid it as much as possible but I feel like I can’t replace the protein thats in meat with any other protein source so I try to eat it at times. Yesterday, however, I was actually craving it. This situation could make history dears. My body was probably craving the protein after exercising. So I ate…

A huge bowl of lentil soup, beans, pickled beans and 2 slices of whole wheat bread from the bread store by Albo Girls house. You see? 😉BEAST! I was hungry… 😀
This morning, I woke up rather late because I was up all night studying for my stupid chemistry exam which went horribly. This is a very touch subject guys, let’s not bring it up. 😀 I arrived at school at about noon and really had no appetite. So I ate the toast with almond butter that I had brought from home and got vanilla tea from the coffee shop across the street. I love this flavor of tea! It’s so vanilla-y.

As for my dinner, I will do a post on it tomorrow along with the recipe. It’s the “Turkish pizza” called Lahmacun. It’s 2:22 a.m., I am super sleepy, and I need mother to get the exact recipe. I will leave you with my excuses and hit the sheets. 😉

I hope everybody is having a wonderful week so far!!

Till next time,
Dilek…kisses and huggggssss!