Did you guys miss me? I tend to play this disappearance game to see how much I am missed! Well, actually the truth is that yesterday was the first day of school of my last year of college. Since that first day I have been in shock and trying to figure out my schedule. Yes, school does that to me. It puts me in complete shock sometimes, because my head gets overwhelmed. Just sort of kidding. You probably know that the first days of school are rough. It’s a wake up call for real business and it actually tells you to bid goodbye to summer for real. Enough of sleeping at 4:00 AM and waking up whenever!

Remember I said I was planning a run yesterday morning before school? Well, it never happened! I talked to Dilek on the phone before I went to bed and she convinced me that 6 hours of sleep would not be enough for me to function properly (she is a sleep freak). I was almost convinced, but I had told the blog world that I would run and I wasn’t going to let people down. However, morning comes, the alarm goes off and I automatically change it to an hour later. Dilek got in my head, so I blame her.

Today I woke up at 7:00 (very early for me to exercise) and I forced myself not to think about what I was about to do. I changed into my workout clothes half sleeping, grabbed my ipod and off I went. Call me a robot. Within a few minutes I was awake! It was too beautiful outside to still be sleepy. The air was so fresh! I felt so alive! I kept smiling at random people and that made me even happier! It was a cycle of happiness. I am not embarrassed to show you my sweat and greasy/sweaty hair.

Then I came home took a shower and prepared my lunch (salad). Mother BBB had made me breakfast. Actually she makes breakfast for the whole family.  Oatmeal for everybody. They are addicted to it. I taught them what oatmeal is and how to prepare it and Kath taught me! Pass on the knowledge. 😉

Fast forward to dinner (skipping school and headaches): Stuffed eggplants. I am aware that there are different ways to stuff eggplants. Mother BBB’s way of stuffing eggplants consists of: eggplants with the insides carved out; filling made of banana peppers, tomatoes, the carved part of eggplants, onions and dill. Then you bake it and it turns into my favorite food. DEEEELLL-icious!

The little thing to the side is just dill! I had to zoom in to make sure!

After dinner Mother BBB and I went  on a walk.  We talked about our respective days and school.  Then the rest of the walk was sunset talk. I love the sunset! It’s so relaxing! So beautiful! You just want to hold hands with…. Mother BBB.  I sound so romantic! I feel that the older I get the more aware and appreciative I become of nature!

When I get proposed that boy/man/future husband better find a place like this or I will have to say no! All I need is the sunset. So easy. 😉

With that beautiful view I wish you all a good night!

P.S. Ambitious Alba will attempt a stair workout at 6:30 AM. Can she make it? Maybe if I go to bed soon!

p.s.s. I loved Dilek’s last post!

Ciao and kisses!



Dilek the Owl.

Hello! It’s moi Dilek stopping by to write about my life as a cover girl. I pretend that I am a cover girl. 😉

Let’s rewind to yesterday afternoon when I took a jog. Ready, get set, go! 😀

Unless I’m at the gym and I have people (ahem, cute & muscular boys) to watch, I need my iPod or else I get really bored and make the run short so I can go back home ASAP.
Pretty little park, you are discovered! Although you can’t tell in the picture, this little pathway actually somewhat hill-like, not so steep though.
 There you go! When you look from the bottom you can tell, right? 🙂
I discovered some new land…I definitely felt like Christopher Columbus! 😉

Keep running Dileeeekkkk!! I totally almost tripped over trying to take this picture.

I had such a nice run yesterday. The weather was perfect, and I liked running in an area that I don’t know because I had surprise hills here and there. Now I am sooooo sore though! So that’s why I’m eating potato chips while writing this…Just to make myself feel better. 😉
That’s me enjoying my run! After I got back home from the run, I was starving. I was also craving meat for some reason. Let me tell you guys, I hate meat. I avoid it as much as possible but I feel like I can’t replace the protein thats in meat with any other protein source so I try to eat it at times. Yesterday, however, I was actually craving it. This situation could make history dears. My body was probably craving the protein after exercising. So I ate…

A huge bowl of lentil soup, beans, pickled beans and 2 slices of whole wheat bread from the bread store by Albo Girls house. You see? 😉BEAST! I was hungry… 😀
This morning, I woke up rather late because I was up all night studying for my stupid chemistry exam which went horribly. This is a very touch subject guys, let’s not bring it up. 😀 I arrived at school at about noon and really had no appetite. So I ate the toast with almond butter that I had brought from home and got vanilla tea from the coffee shop across the street. I love this flavor of tea! It’s so vanilla-y.

As for my dinner, I will do a post on it tomorrow along with the recipe. It’s the “Turkish pizza” called Lahmacun. It’s 2:22 a.m., I am super sleepy, and I need mother to get the exact recipe. I will leave you with my excuses and hit the sheets. 😉

I hope everybody is having a wonderful week so far!!

Till next time,
Dilek…kisses and huggggssss!

Can Anybody hear us?


Was you weekend wonderful and relaxing? Mine was fabulous because I got to spend it with my other half Dilek!

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, I was going to do the stairs workout yesterday! I ran to where the useful stairs are located and it took me exactly 13 minutes to run there. Once I got to the stairs I see this man already using them. I thought they were my secret stairs and nobody had discovered them before.

 The man stuck around for 10 more minutes. I kept looking at him and I bet it made things awkward! So much for my run as a warm up! He said have good day to me when he was leaving and that warmed my heart, so in my head we became friends. The stairs were finally mine!

Running up the stairs is seriously a great workout! It gets your heart rate up right away! I find it harder than running but in a different way! I feel that I am engaging more of my muscles when doing stairs! I ran up the stairs 20 times. Oh fun times! My legs were screaming at me, but I couldn’t stop. Boredom and curiosity lead me to count the stairs while walking down and there were 50 steps. 🙂 By the end my legs were shaking and I don’t blame them! I decided to walk/run home. I mean I didn’t want to push it too much since we were going to State Fair that night and I was going to need me legs still.

I feel so privileged to be living in a state with many beautiful lakes. These are some of the pictures taken while walking home.

Later that day I met Dilek at the famers market! We came home and mother BBB made us salads! I know she spoils us too much!

Then we got dressed and went to State Fair! For me the best thing of the night were Martha’s Sweet Cookies! Best cookies I have ever had! Soft, chewy and warm! Like soft, warm and chewy. Super soft, chewy and warm. My mouth was having a party.

Great night spent with great friends!

You guys tomorrow is my first day of school, but I am nervous like it’s my first day of first grade. No joke. I need to woman up!

And I am planning a 6:30 AM run tomorrow morning (it’s almost 12)! My first class is at 8:30 AM! Do you think Alba will be able to make it? To be continued….

p.s. “Why can anybody hear us” as the title of this post?  I wonder every time I write a post if people are actually reading! Dilek and I will celebrate and throw candy out to people the day we get our first comment!  😛

Ciao and kisses,


Lunch Time

Hello world! It’s me, Dilek reporting from the front of my new house. We just moved about a week ago and we still aren’t fully settled in. There are boxes everywhere inside the house and construction material all over the place for finishing the basement. I just randomly found my camera in my dads car when I thought it was inside all of the boxes inside. So you can go ahead and scream “hooray!” to that because now I can take pictures!

Last night, I went out with Alba and a couple of friends of ours to the Minnesota State Fair which Albo Girl (my nick name for Alba) will be doing a post on later. After that, I stayed over at her house. I hadn’t seen my poopsy bear in a week so we had a nice time chilling and doing nothing at her house after the fair. We Albo Girl woke up at about 8:30 a.m. and tried to wake me up but only failed. A little while later she accomplished finally getting me out of bed. I swear, that girl needs an award or something because it truly is a hard task waking me up! 😀 And while eating our breakfasts, we updated our “About us” page, so go check that out!! 🙂

And now I’m home, and I am eating this delicious and nutritious salad that us Turkish people like to call, “Coban Salata”. It is usually eaten in the summer since consists of the seasonal but no leafy veggies. In my version of the Coban Salata, I put in roma tomatoes, green pepperoncini peppers (if I am not mistaken the name), a couple of white onions slices (I don’t like it when it leaves a strong after taste), fresh mint leaves, and dressed it with olive oil, lemon, and sea salt. I also got some whole wheat bread from the bread store by Alba’s house and toasted a piece to eat alongside with my salata. And of course, wawa (water). Please do be prepared for weird nicknames for every other thing. 😉 Maybe we should create our own dictionary. What do you think Albo girl?
Here’s a closer look. “I know you want me, you know I want you, I know you want meeeee…”
Well there you have it my fellow world mates, my lunch on September 5th, 2011. I’m off to go study so I can take a jog before it gets dark and explore the area for a bit. I miss the city! I hate the suburbs! Save me! Help me! (We told you there would be lots of complaining) 😛

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day off!

Hugs & Kisses,

My Sugar


Brrr it’s quite chilly this morning! I had the window in my room open the whole night and according to mother BBB I will get a cold that will never go away if I keep it open during the night. She kind of has me convinced! My body feels very stiff, but it could also be from the run yesterday! :/

I woke up this morning and could smell breakfast from my room. On the menu Albanian kulac. It’s basically fried dough made with yogurt, flour and baking soda! The kulac is either served with feta cheese or honey. Mother BBB knows I am against frying even if olive oil is used! Hence, she has tried to change her ways. I walked into the kitchen and she says: “I used whole wheat and they are not fried.” Oh BBB, I love you for trying to deal with my healthy ways.


Kulac, microwaved egg, feta cheese, cucumbers, olives and unpictured hummus for dipping! It was delicioso!

I am off to digest my food! I am planing to do a stairs workout today and I will let you know how it goes. You should do some sort of activity too! It’s good for you!

How can I convince my Sugar though? 

I talk to her about heart diseases and weight but it doesn’t scare her.

She is bad influence on me too!

Ciao and kisses,


The Late Girl Dilek

Ohh my goodness. I have been sitting here for the past hour trying to load these pictures but i just can’t figure it out. I think I managed to get them on the post but they aren’t where I wan’t them to be.In any case, helloooo blog world! It’s me, Dilek…I’ve been meaning to post for a while now but for some reason wasn’t able to bring myself around to it. No worries people I am definitely back in the game now. Just promise me that you don’t think I’m a crazy person for posting in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. It just takes me an hour, literally, to floss my teeth. I just like to make the experience fun by adding facebook to my teeth cleaning routine, that’s all. 🙂
Now before getting too off topic and away from these photos, I’d like to introduce you all to my Friday lunches of the summer. I used to volunteer at the emergency room of a local hospital on Fridays but now that we moved I waved goodbye to the delicious salad bar they had. Along with my delicious and nutritious salad, I would have some sort of a dessert. They always had different flavors of parfaits in which I would naturally choose the chocolate flavored one, given that I am a chocolate monster. Nihaha. At every lunch time there, the other 2 volunteers and I would go get lunch at the cafeteria together. They would all get pizzas, hamburgers, pre-packed turkey sandwiches and I would always make salad because they had such a variety of things to put in the salad. A couple times I got gluten free pizza just because it was the only veggie kind and it had a thin and crunchy crust which I enjoy. The girls would always look at my healthy eating and would get weirded out by it as if I am eating like that for weight purposes. Little do they know that it is merely a taste preference. I have always been into salads since I was a kid. I explain it to them but they just don’t seem convinced. 😀

So there you have it guys and dolls, a little taste of the procrastinator Dilek. Off she goes to drink some water and hit the sheets. I have a busy busy day planned with my boo Alba. I hope everyone will have a relaxing but fun Sunday!

Kisses and hugs to you all,


A day with mother BBB

Good evening sweet things!

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday! My day was filled with mother BBB (my mom’s name starts with the letter B). I woke up around 9:30 after hitting the snooze button for 30 minutes!  I read a few blogs, checked my facebook and by 10:15 I was out the door. I was excited to run because it seemed pretty cool outside. Well I was wrong because during the run I kept thinking my body was going to explode any second because of the heat. Just having the sun shining on me made me feel fatigue! It helped seeing other people run, especially this old man who I am very certain was on his eighties. He served as my motivation. I completed my run with no explosions, but definitely a sweaty mess.

I am so proud of my sweat that I don’t even care how unpleasant this picture looks. My sweat looks cool!

Then, I came home to find mother BBB cooking lunch! She was making one of my favorite food!

That would be seasoned eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers and tomatoes! You cut them up in big pieces, but they shrink! Usually mother BBB adds potatoes, small onions,  green beans and sometimes even okra (Yum), but she didn’t have the other stuff today since it is the weekend and we always run low on food during the weekend. Dilek will tell you, because unfortunately she always comes over on the weekend and finds no food in our fridge! Why am I so brain scattered? Back to the seasoning! The usual salt & pepper and bay leaves! Mother BBB placed the veggies in a pot and she sprinkled them with vinegar and added about half a cup of water. About 30 minutes later the food was ready!

She also fried some fish with olive oil. She still tries to convince me that frying things with olive oil does no harm to you.  My dad dumps olive oil in his salads and says that olive oil was his main food when he was little and it helped him grow. :/  I love olive oil too, just not buckets of it.

My lunch included baked fish (can’t convince me yet mother BBB) and baked eggplants!

Of course I had some of mother BBB’s food too!

After lunch we hit up the Mall of America. I needed a new school bag. Have you guys heard of the Mall of America? Well it’s huge and quite stressful with so many people! I was amazed by its size the first time I went there.

Then we came home and went on a walk around the lakes! That was my day! I plan on going to sleep before 12:00 tonight! I will let you know what happens!

Dilek will be blogging tonight too! So stay tuned to hear her sweet voice read her sweet thoughts!

P.S. I come from a culture where you kiss people when you greet them, so I am not being weird by kissing you guys! heheh

Ciao and kisses,