To coconut or to not coconut?

Hello blog world! (This is where you guys say, “Hi Dilek!” and run to my arms to give me a big warm welcoming hug…virtually. 😉 ) Gosh, I feel like I’m in a different dimension when I am blogging. It’s nice to just talk, talk, and talk nonstop.I haven’t blogged in days because as Alba said, we both got discouraged because we were having and are still having technical difficulties. However, we decided to go beyond technicality and it’s difficulties and just keep blogging! Today started off as a bad day. I was supposed to wake up at 7 and meet Alba at her school to chill a little, relax a little, drink a little (it’s not what you think, it’s coffee :D). Say goodbye to that because…My mom said that she was going to wake me up before going to work and she never did. I know very common and lame excuse but that’s what happened. So I woke up at 8:40, laid on my bed and checked the blogs and my facebook until about 9. Hopped in the shower, got ready, and made this baby…
OATMEAL! I cooked the oats with coconut milk and chia seeds. When I use nut milks such as almond milk or coconut milk, I don’t put water in it just because I feel like the nut milks aren’t as creamy as regular milk so it’s just fine and dandy without water. I topped the bad boy with fresh figs, almonds, walnuts, almond butter, and sprinkled some coconut shreds on top. Although it was pretty tasty, I’m not sure if I like coconut milk in my oats. It made them sweeter than usual and I think I like my oats at its original taste. 😉

As for my lunch, I’m eating it right now and just tweeted a picture of it that I took from my macbook. I didn’t think it was worthy enough to go on the blog so I you know, tweet tweet. 😀 Because of the discouraged Dilek and Alba, I didn’t bring my camera with me to take pictures, but good thing I had my laptop! You can check it out if there is even the tiniest of the curiosities inside of you at:!/TwoBaklavas

Till next time my sweet baklavas!
-Dilek :*